Countdown Number 12th Best Song: Perfect For The Easter Season

The countdown continues with what I have picked as the twenty five all time best songs. This song comes just in time as we just had Easter Sunday. For Christians, this song will move you to tears if you have not heard it before.

Funny……. Christians that partake in any sort of performance ministry….. chorus, band, drama, dancing, reading, etc. during”Holy Week: many actually call it “hell week” 🙂 because of the grueling rehearsals and practice that is involved in getting prepared. When I was a practicing Catholic involved heavily in the music ministry, for Catholics especially Holy Week is like the “World Series” for Christians. For the church I am involved in now, Parkway Wesleyan, it is quite similar. Parkway has an excellent music, dance, drama and everything else in between team to bring life to music and skits and help tell stories in ways that enthrall and embrace each member of the church.  How could it not be? It is God’s promise to us…. the ultimate sacrifice. He gave us His son, to die a horrible, agonizing and beyond comprehension, brutal death….. after being beat to a pulp, then put on a cross to die. That old rugged cross. Christ was up there, nailed to it, suffering for hours, maybe even a day or two all for you and me. My mind cannot contain it. So many people just give Him the ‘middle finger’. I am not without sin. In fact I have committed some pretty hefty ones in my time. God, nonetheless, has not only forgiven but forgotten. However, we cannot do the same for each? We disown each other, we hold grudges and  just act all around hateful. Sad. 🙁 That is not what Easter was all about and certainly not what Christ bore our sins for.

In any event, I am counting down songs here and this is my ‘light and fun blog’ with the occasional serious side. So, here you go, the song I feel this is the best Christian song that exists. Though “Amazing Grace” is, well, amazing. It certainly will be on my honorable mention chart, this song just takes my breath away. The video is the same.

Oh and just a couple things: first, depending where you are on your walk with Christ….. I cannot listen to this song without tearing up…. I cannot watch the video without crying. Also there are a couple brief short spots some might consider slightly ‘graphic’ though compared to what is on TV these days is really nothing. I just wanted to give forewarning because I do not want to be accused of showing a ‘graphic’ video without any sort of disclaimer.

So here you go, what I consider to be the best Christian song of all time and the 12th best song of all time, “My Redeemer Lives”, by Nicole C Mullen   Until next time, K.


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