I am not old, but I am not a spring chicken! So when we get something new and shiny that is electronic,  happy as I am to the the last person to finally have what everyone else has, it is all so overwhelming at first.

I am a hands on learner. So I have to just get in a do and usually within a few weeks I am plucking and moving with the best of them.


However, at first, it is trying to say the least. My hubby is great but for some reason, his nerves can be short with me. He is the most patient man with the kids, granddaughter, and friends. However, with me, not so much. Part of my issue is it all the brain fog I deal with from my fibromyalgia. It is frustrating to say the least.

In any event, the song of the day is by my favorite 90’s band, The Goo Goo Dolls, “Dizzy”, live from Woodstock ’08  and boyya! Did I forget how delicious Johnny Rzeznik is (lead singer). I was never really into blondes, but can make an exception 😉

I think I should get out “Dizzying Up The Girl” and give it a listen.

Until next time, K.


            IT ALL MAKES ME DIZZY!!!!!                           
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