Final Post!

This is my final post on “Both Sides Now”. I want to give all my attention to “Hitting The Wall” and my small card business. This one was my ‘fun’ blog and I had a GREAT time doing the song countdown. Music is life and life would be so bland with no music. I wanted to add a few honorable mention songs. (All black and white photos By Paul Glover, All Color Photos By Kelli Glover. All Rights Reserved)


If you ever see my write or hear me say my favorite group is Coldplay as ‘they took the role with me’ it is because this song, “Fix You” was playing while my car blew a time and I did a 360 degree roll. I then spent 5 weeks fighting a STAPH MRSA infection Roanoke Memorial Hospital’s ER gave me. However, this song is apros pos to the situation

“Fix You” By: Coldplay



Great current hit! Cannot get enough!

“Just Give Me A Reason” By Pink, Featuring Nate Ruess:



“Halo” by Beyonce   LOVE THIS! 😉 One of my fave ‘love to love songs’…. if you get my drift



“Theme: Game of Thrones”   Don’t ask. 😉


And on that same train of thought; on schmecksy, “Let’s Get It On” songs, I have always found “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones to be HOT, but since that was one of my all time faves, let’s go with a song about a pill……

“Mother’s Little Helper”, By: The Rolling Stones



Passenger, “Let Her Go” I am slowly… very slowly watching the You Tube first annual music awards (about 5 mins at at time) and found this little ditty as it was nominated. Very nice!



Adele is a Goddess and I picked this one for no particular reason oh heck…. let’s add one more

“Turning Tables” By Adele


because….. I have a reason I will not disclose…. but I was getting a message from God/ my guardian Angels. Let’s just say message was received and I figured out ‘why’ I needed to listen to this song…. Adele is amazing! No ‘must listen’ list would be complete without her!




Brings me back to the scene in “Nashville” that turned me into goo…..

Connie Britton (“Rayna James”from ‘Nashville’) “Pour Me Something Stronger Than Me”





Songs from my childhood…..CLASSIC!

“The Age of Aquarius” By “The Fifth Dimension”


“End Of The World” By: Skeeter Davis


“Diamonds And Rust” By: Joan Baez



“Wedding Bell Blues” By” The Fifth Dimension




Gotta have ‘the man in black’

“Ring Of Fire” By: Johnny Cash



There are so many more and I wish I could put them all. However, for the season and the holiday’s, I will leave you with a classic. While not my FAVORITE, it is in my top five. And this one takes me back to my childhood. My parents had two Christmas albums (records). One was Elvis and one was a compilation of various artists. The first song was “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole. To this day I still hear this song with the hisses and scratched that only vinyl brings. So I say farewell “Both Sides Now” and Happy Holiday’s as I leave you with: “The Christmas Song” By: Nat King Cole



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