The ?’s of Life; sorry for the break, I am back! :-)

Sorry for the break. I try for at  least 5 new posts a week. I had a near life-long (since 7th grade) friend visit over the weekend. It was wonderful. We have both lived in various places all over the USA but have always managed to keep in touch.

I was not quite sure how I would ‘do’ with my fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome being so bad now. People have two reactions to these conditions 1. Just push yourself; quit being negative (I am actually, at times as my husband Paul agrees, like a grown up version of the character “Sue” in the show “The Middle”). I am a geek…. an optimist who thinks, “Everyone is just so nice, etc”.

That is who I really am, inside….. an eternal optimist that likes most people. So I am far from being negative. 2. People who completely understand, see what tole its taken on me and are fine with it. Understanding. Patient.

It was with that idea that when Paul and I got into ‘this’ conversation…. again….. about people that do not ‘like you for no particular reason, than not to like you’. I tried to put the shoe on the other foot, and told Paul if someone I did not like asked me, I would be honest. Now I am not talking about ex’s or obvious dislikes. I am talking about people we have to co exist with. Do you know I could not think of ANYONE in  my life right now that I flat out DO NOT like. The closest I could get was one person who can ‘annoy’ me a bit. And I don’t even see this person that much. However, if this person came to me and wanted honesty as to why they annoyed me, I would tell them in a nice and constructive way. So when talking to Paul about someone who really does not know me, has never really taken time to get to know me and pretty much treats me like I am non existent when I am around them, he says I will never ‘get an answer’. Look, like me; don’t like me. However, if you do NOT like someone, at least give them the decency of a reason. Just my opinion, for what it is worth.

My friend who was here (paraphrase) stated she only keeps a few close friends and the rest she cannot be bothered with. I think of our friends that we really consider friends and it is so true. One thing I do know is my friend is a true friend. She was OK with the fact that I had to take a nap Friday and Saturday. She was more than ok, she was like a sister….. about ready to pound me to sit down as the ‘Italian mother’ in me was trying to feed everyone and make sure everyone had everything they needed. See true friends, and family that love you unconditionally accept that you are not perfect. They forgive you when you apologize with a sincere heart. Most important, they embrace you when you need a soft place to fall! They also understand when you are not running at 100%. I am so thankful to have a friend like that in my life and other friends too…. a handful… they know who they are 🙂 but they are amazing and wonderful!

Song of the day, very appropriate! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this little diddy! It is uplifting and happy! It makes me want to get up and dance about!  We need more peace in the world. We need more forgiveness. We need more caring. We need Care, Compassion and true, unconditional LOVE.


Until next time. K.


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