Thought and Song of the Day :-)

Decisions. We make them everyday. Should I wear long sleeves or short sleeves? Should I fill the tank before or after work? Butter on my scone; let me see just how tight my favorite jeans feel.

This little bit of cyber-space will never get too deep. That means when my book is finished and ready to go, you will just have to buy it! 🙂 I fully intend on making my dreams come true but I have to get some things in sync here first, including my own issues with chronic pain.

So decisions and chronic pain… what do they have to do with each other? While clearly kicking myself in the backside for not just ordering double scampi at Red Lobster when using a gift card  is not a decision that is going to make Planet Earth collide with its Moon, some other decisions are very important. One such decisions are Doctors. These people, depending on what they are doing, can literally, have your very life in your hands. I find it so sad that two really upsetting things had to transpire for me to realize I really needed to change one of my Doctors.  I heard it said, just in the last few weeks, always get a second opinion for anything out of the ordinary or big that any Doctor suggest. Same true if they can’t ‘get you well’ or ‘can’t find’ what the problem is. “We” as in most of the rest of us, are paying for their expensive cars and country club dues. If they are confident, they will not mind. I know like I know that when I had my ‘partial’ nearly two years ago, if I had approached Dr. Gus (Gustafson) and said, “Hey, Dr. Gus, I am going to get a second opinion for this bag of rocks I have in me.”  I know…. with every fiber….. he would have smiled that big, bright smile and would have said, “Of course! I understand!”. I have learned much in the art of decision making when it comes to Doctors. As for other decisions. We make them… everyday…. some big, some small. Make them wise.

Having said all this, my song of the day is “Someone Like You” by Adele

Try to think outside the box on this one. Don’t just think ‘spurned lover’…. just try…. this can be about more than just “Love-Life” relationships. Until next time. K.

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