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So what is my thought of the day on Friday February 24, 2012? For this ‘star gazed’ California Native, the Oscars have always to me what the Superbowl is to men. So, this Sunday, with popcorn and some candy in hand we will watch the gowns, the hair, who is escorting who, the jewelry and movies we have not even heard of, much less seen, winning award after award. Sadly, this year, Tinsel Town has lost another one of its own at far too young of an age. In fact Whitney Elizabeth Houston made her debut into this mortal earth 14 days before I did. Talk about hitting close to home. One thing we had in common is that we both had some Dutch ancestry (yes, she really did! Check Wikipedia!). We both sang. She had a 3 octave range; I had a 2 octave range in my day. She could belt out songs and became famous; I could sing at a wedding or do decent on a karaoke machine

If stardom is so great and if money cures all worries, why do so many celebrities succumb to the collateral damage that is involved with the price of fame? Is it worth it?  What I do know is upon looking at a picture of a fresh faced ‘new’ artist with ‘big hair’ (we ALL had big hair then) back in 1983 and then seeing a stoned woman leaving a nightclub less than 24 hours before God called her home to which my husband said, “You are the same age, but she could practically pass as your Mother”. Drugs are bad. BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD! Did I say BAD? I choose to remember that fresh faced, beautiful belter that gave so much. As for the National Enquirer posting a picture of her in her casket, whoever leaked that photo, kharma will come around someday. I will leave it at that. The National Enquirer is a rag and not fitting for anything except emergency backup if you run out of toilet tissue or window cleaner wipes. They are bottom feeders and have sunk to an all new low as far as I am concerned.

As for my song of the day, it seems fitting that I should pick my favorite Whitney Houston song as song of the day…. and stay tuned as I am going to try and bring a thought and song of the day each day and other articles! Oh the places we shall go!

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