Thursday Thought Of The Day! And Song!

I was starting to regain my hope in humanity, then a Doctor came along and quickly plummeted me back into reality.

For today the song of the day is a ‘mad’ song. What is a ‘mad’ song? A mad song, for me, are ones by “Godsmack”, “Linkin Park”, “Korn” (yes! From my hometown of Bakersfield), etc, etc…. hey, for some, “The Beatles” may be extreme, and that is ok! Anyway, your ‘extreme’ band, cranked up loud. I did this a million times when I worked at the call centers on my near 1 hour commute home. Yes, I know how old I am. No, I make no apologies.

I am sharing a great ‘mad’ song. However, out of courtesy to my friends that do not like swear words and/or kids under certain ages, I am sharing the EDITED version so the end rant and a few words at the beginning are missing. No fear, if you know this song, you know where to find it. If you somehow, have never heard the unedited version…. you know where to find it.
If you are having a mad day, I hope it gets better.
Until next time…. K.

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