Countdown Continues! Number 16!

This song goes way back. At fear of dating myself, this tune was performed by my favorite group all through my High School and my young adult years. They made some awesome music and many young adults today as well as teenagers still listen to this groups mark on the music world. I learned to slow dance to this song as well as the tribute it pays to my favorite city in the world, San Francisco, CA…. a city with its own weather pattern.

There is no place like San Francisco. The city by the bay comes alive with a eclectic mix of sights, sounds, smells and cultures. You can be in uptown culture, and in ‘China’ the next moment. You can walk along the water with the sweet smell of the saltwater tickling your senses while the brick buildings near the wharf stand sturdy like a scene from a movie set. So here is my pick for the sixteenth best all time song ever! “Lights” by Journey. I have to smile when I see the video. I realize I miss this time. I was young. I worked hard. I played hard.  I got good grades. I had fun with my friends. I was OH SO boy crazy (surprise, surprise!) 😉  and I was a good girl, but I did kiss a lot of boys….I had nine…. yes nine steady boyfriends in High School…. most from other schools. When I went home to bury my Mom in 2011 and picked up my Uncle… for real Mexican food, a reprieve from the absolute tragedy of a sixty seven year old woman leaving this world far too early….. I asked him where did all the cruisers go as we drove downtown Mexicali Restaraunt. It was, after all, a Friday night in Bakersfield. I met my sweetest boys there…. had my best flirts and had SO, oh SO much fun with my friends. But this particular night, it was as deserted as Death Valley in July. He said that Bakersfield had passed a law many years ago banning cruising from Chester Avenue! No! Oh the times…. the sweet times. No, no…. they were not bad at all.


See these are the things music does for us. It takes us to a time and place like nothing else can. It can take you right back to 1981 and plant your firm, next to your crush of the month and make your heart skip a beat. It can make you stamp and shout at fate because your celebrity crush was born twenty days before you and grew up his entire life just two hours down the road. Did he get influence from Journey?  1981 was the very year that Metallica formed! Yes, “Lights” will always be one of the most special songs to me. It transcends time and space. Enjoy! Until next time. K.


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