Goodbye and Godspeed Old Friend

The Righteous Brothers sang it best in “Rock And Roll Heaven”, If you believe in forever, then life is just a one-night stand
If there’s a rock and roll heaven
Well you know they’ve got a hell of a band.

     I rarely tear up when a celebrity passes. Honestly I think Princess Diana may be the last well known person I shed a tear for. However, I felt my eyes tearing up last night when Paul said, “Dick Clark won’t be on ‘Rockin New Years’……” and, well the rest as they say is history. Dick Clark was so much more than ‘just’ a celebrity…. he was an icon. I found myself missing my Dad. See Dad and I had our ‘things’ we talked about. We would talk about politics and even though Dad and I did not agree on some things, we respected each others right to believe as we wished.  The other thing we talked  about quite often was “The Twilight Zone”. We would bring up certain episodes and slice and dice them like a deranged pathologist on a busy night. And then there was Dick Clark…. Dad and I talked about how that man never aged. He retained that youthful looking face, forever! We would ponder on how he maintained that youthful look even after his stroke.

I have never known a world without Dick Clark. For me it was “American Bandstand” after my Saturday morning cartoons and the weekly countdown of the top fifty songs in the USA on every Sunday morning. Then there was New Year Eve. Being the big party girl I am…. *Laughing till it hurts*…… you can find me every New Years eve in my favorite jammies or sweats (probably my P*I*N*K sweats from Victoria’s Secret with Christmas money) vegging out on the couch , snuggled with my honey waiting for the ball to drop. I feel robbed because New Years of 2012, I was in the throws of a near week long migraine (after being put on medication I had a bad reaction to). I was awake to watch Dick countdown…. never on beat since his stroke, but bless his heart, he was there and that was what mattered. I truly mean this when I say New Years will *never* be the same for me, ever.

So as Dick finds his place in Rock and Roll Heaven, we must say goodbye, for now, to a legend. It is sad and no one can ever replace him. However, the mark he left in the world of Rock and Roll will forever make him a legend.

I am leaving you with two songs; first a tribute; “The Bandstand Boogie”  and “The Righteous Brothers”, “Rock and Roll Heaven”. These are dedicated to you Dick! You will forever be in our Rock and Roll Hearts <3 Godspeed, sir!

Until next time, K.


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