Love 2: If There Are Conditions, Is It Really, Truly Love?

Love. Love is probably the most loaded emotion in all of mankind. “Love makes the world go ’round” they say. It is the center of songs, movies, TV shows, Broadway plays, Holidays and many other things. Retailers love…. well, love. It fattens their wallets with their $4 and $5 pieces of papers with pressed flowers and pretty poems, over and over, worded just slightly different in each card. Flowers, candy, perfume, etc. are also on top of the ‘things to buy’ all in the name of love.

There are, however, so many types of love. There is the traditional ‘partner’ love….. as in couples whether man and woman or any other couple type relationship. There is parent / child, child/parent, the love we feel for friends (and even then there is a tier between close friends and casual acquaintance type friends), love for extended family members, love for pets, love for mankind in general and the list could go on.

The deeper loves…. or what we equate to deeper loves…. are supposed to be unconditional. However, I pose this question to the universe: If God could send His only son to die a horrible, gruesome death on an old rugged cross for us… all of us….how is it that we can become so pissed off at those we ‘love’ that we hold such a grudge that we never ‘want to talk to them again’? Some might say, “Well Kelli, isn’t that what you did to your Mom?” and the answer is a NO! My Mom, tis no secret, had a disease that made having a relationship with her, difficult at best. I tried to maintain a contact but she severed each and every contact and relationship she had and that is *all* I am going to say about that except that I forgave her for everything. When I did, it felt like a 1000 lb elephant was lifted off my shoulders. But see, I *loved* my Mom. What I have to truly, really wonder with people that get stuck in the past is if they ever truly, really loved the person they now hate. Maybe, as hate is the opposite of love. Over the years I continued sending my Mom pictures and letters. I found some of the things I had sent her when I was in California when she passed in September. Most people, at any given moment in time, really are doing the very best they can just to survive. They do not make a mistake that hurts a relationship because they get pleasure and great joy out of hurting others… especially those they love most in the world. Sadly, that is just the collateral damage that comes with being human and making mistakes.

If you love someone, you should do so without conditions. If conditions are set, you have to ask, is this really love and/or did I really ever truly *LOVE* this person? For me… the ones I love… nothing will ever change that….. NOTHING. Love, for me, is unconditional.

One thing I like about and her Adele is the way her songs can be about romantic love or any kind of love, so for today the song of the day is from Adele. Enjoy:

Until next time…. K…….

Next time I’ll be braver, I’ll be my own savior
When the thumb that cost me
Next time I’ll be braver, I’ll be my own savior
Standing on my own two feet

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