Tattoos. I have to wonder what all the fuss is about? First I want to make this very clear. I am not putting down tattoos at all. Anyone that knows anything about me knows this: I am very much, ‘live and let live’. As long as your actions are not hurting anyone, C’est la vie. I will say this; There are three things I will say never to; I will *never* reject my Lord and Savior Jesus; I will never drink a boiler maker again; I will never get a tattoo. Let me explain. The reason I do not want a tattoo is probably not what you think.

I am not a ‘spring chicken’. Do not get me wrong…. tho the first hour of the day would suggest otherwise (I walk around the house like a feeble 90 year old…. I almost bought a walker at Goodwill a few weeks ago… for real!) but I am young at heart! I am not ‘old’ in any other way except my fibro makes my body behave old at times but my music, thoughts, views, opinions, humor, etc, are young…. very young.This is not because I am afraid of growing old, but because it is who I am! I have NOTHING against tattoos. In fact some of my favorite people have tattoos 8-D

      So why when I do this

Would I not get a tattoo?

1. Tattoos are permanent. You are marked for life. When/and/or / if I decided I don’t want these piercings, I just take them out. It is as simple as that. There is also a significant reason for why I did this; a story behind it. It represents something to me; something very important.

2. There is an older movie… maybe 20-25 years old called, “Same Time Next Year” starring Alan Alda and Ellen Byrston. It is a fabulous movie, tho very cheesy and a bit of a chick flick. This movie shows all too well the changes that we go through over the years. It is a great movie to watch, if for no other reason, for that. Ten years ago when I was at a pretty low place in my life, I wore mostly black and cranked up heavy metal when I drove to and from my very stressful job. I was a 30 something ‘goth’. I thought I would always be that way. A friend on my team at work assured me it was a phase. Today, I have some black, but I compliment it with jeans. I mostly have bright colors; florals and plaids; cardis and camis. You get the drift. I shudder to think how I would feel if I got a goth tattoo…. I was certain I would stay that way, but I didn’t.  I am old enough now to know the changes you go through in life. Phases. It never stops. You think it does after your teen years. It doesn’t. Life is a continuance of change and growth. We never stall and stay stagnant and that is a good 🙂 thing! Angelina Jolie, before she was with Brad and before she adopted 1/2 the world, was with Billy Bob Thornton. She got this HUGE tattoo on her arm with Billy Bobs name and some sort of lizard/creature. It took up the whole upper arm. To this day at awards shows, etc when wearing a sleeveless dress, she has that arm covered in makeup….. but it is still there. You can still see it (if you know what you are looking for). Maybe that why she flung her leg out at the Oscars, to get the focus elsewhere? Nah….. but it was worth a try.

3. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS WRONG… this is just for me… kinda like, I love short hair, but not on me sorta thing… I just do not care for them… for me. It looks great on other gals and I wish I could wear it, but it just does not look good on me.  I am not a fan of tattoos. Again, everyone beats to a different drum. It is funny, as a matter of fact, the nicest clerks I get at stores have full sleeve tattoos. Seriously. I have met the nicest people practically covered in tattoos. I have met the most horrible people that have only one ear pierced (woman) and not one piercing or tat (men). For me, I am very ‘soft’ and it just does not fit. I guess my biggest question is what makes tattoos so appealing? Again, not judging, just curious. Almost everyone has at least one. I guess I am just curious and in awe at the same time.


I am lurking in dangerous waters here…. giving hints to my age…. but here I go…. in High School my favorite group was “Journey”. I still like “Journey”, but they are probably about number 7 or 8…. closer to 10 than 1. That is what I mean by change. Up until the last few years my favorite group was “The Grateful Dead”, they are now #2. My (then) about 4th or 5th favorite group “Coldplay” got instantly bumped to #1 on 9-30-10 when I was driving my one hour commute home on a day that had actually *not* been too stressful (very unusual in the call center business). “Coldplay” as my ‘go-to’ guys for mellow. So as it goes, it was about 6 :40 PM; dusk. I was driving VA 24 east just outside Stewartsville. The song, “Fix You” was on. I as going 5 MPH *under* the speed limit, just winding down after a nice, slow day, looking forward to getting home to my gorgeous, wonderful husband. Suddenly, out of nowhere the car starts shaking. A moment later, for no reason, I am over-correcting and the next thing I know is I am on my roof. Coldplay’s “Fix You” is still there…. like a soft voice to calm me… somehow God let me know it was going to be OK. Then before I knew it, I was back on my tires. The music…. STILL going. Chris Martin’s falsetto, softly soothing me as I slammed the brakes and ended up in the side of a mountain. At that moment, “Coldplay”, taking the roll with me, as you will see me refer to from time to time, became my #1 favorite band. The Dead, still love them, are no #2. What if….what … if….. I had, at some time in the past, gotten a “Grateful Dead” tattoo? Hmmm suppose as of now it would be ‘ok’ since I still really like them. But I have this super bond with “Coldplay” now that I have never felt for a band. This bond is almost big enough to warrant a tattoo. However, no…. I will never get one. I will NEVER reject my Lord. I will never drink another boiler maker. I will never get a tattoo. The first one I think is beyond wrong. The other two… to each their own and I judge not. Maybe sometime I will tell the boiler maker story. I was 20…..sure glad I did not get a tattoo then, or really at any age. I am not the same person I as then or that I was at 30 and I am *certainly not* the same person I was ten years ago, two years ago or even a year ago. I would LOVE to hear from people about tattoos and the fascinated with them! Remember, this is not a judgement of any way, shape or form. Just not for me on my body. Some of the greatest people in my life have tattoos! We are all individuals and in the end, we have the right to express ourselves in any way we want as long as it is not profane and does not hurt anyone else.

The song for today, so apros pos is “Fix You” by Coldplay (if this is a repeat, I apologize, I just really have to use this song for obvious reasons!)

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Until next time, K.

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