Here is to the “Wee Guys”!!!! :-) & Song of the Day!!!

As predicted, the gowns were pretty… well, most were. The hair was up, except Gweneth Paltrow who wore a ponytail. Why would the other half of my favorite bands lead singer singer sink a wad of money into a gorgeous gown, have flawless and stunning makeup only to pull her hair in (a neat, but still….) a ponytail? Even the up-dos were less then impressive. *Shrugs* I am working so hard to grow my hair long. I mean… L*O*N*G. When it is the length I want it to be, I am not going to get it there just to … put it up? That makes no sense to me. And one other thing! The acceptance speech limits should be the same whether you are a veteran actor in your eighties winning for the first time or a well deserving underdog who is humbled to the point that you are in tears. Finally! Yay for the “Wee Guys”

Say Yay! For my hubby’s homeland! 🙂

And while we are on the subject of my hubby, how about “our” song being the song of the day. Now, that would normally be a problem as when we had an ocean between us, we used to make each other CD’s. We have several songs that are ‘ours’. But the #1…. the absolute ‘hit it on the head’…. the BIG KAHUNA of songs…our perfect song

Enjoy and to add, Paul was AT this concert, so he and 60,000 other people… give or take…. were singing background. And of course Mr. James Hetfield is lead vocals 😀

Metallica, “Nothing Else Matters”



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